Pirates Joel Hanrahan Trade Rumors: Tigers GM Says Prospect Rondon Has Chance To Close


Joel Hanrahan is on the trading block….gathering dust at the moment.

The Pittsburgh Pirates interest in moving Joel Hanrahan hasn’t gained much steam.  The two teams thought to have some interest were the L.A. Dodgers and Detroit Tigers.   But it’s been a few days since we’ve heard anything moving forward on a possible trade of the Bucs closer.

Buster Olney mentioned that the Dodgers were interested and Chris Capuano has had his name thrown out there from the land of the billions.  Both Hanrahan and Capuano have one year left on their deals as we wrote last week. 

One possible team mentioned in the rumors were the Detroit Tigers, although it seems hard at least at the moment to connect all the dots on a possible deal.

Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski said the team was open to grabbing another south paw for the bullpen.  But in terms of late inning relief, the Tigers GM spoke highly of his confidence in Bruce Rondon.

"“He is a rare talent that I feel has a chance to close for us this year,” Dombrowski said."

The moves will begin to fall, it just looks like it won’t be today.

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