Pittsburgh Pirates Countdown to PirateFest: The Annual Carnival of the Insane Contest


The Official Countdown to the annual gathering of Pittsburgh Pirates fans, known as PiratesFest has begun. The Pirates promote the hell out of the event each year with several days of a Pirates Caravan circling the region with player appearances. It all leads up to the event at the Pittsburgh Convention Center.

We typically put out a guide for everyone and yes, at some point this week we might get that together for you.  But we thought this was better.   Just like the examples shown, we want you to take some video, or capture a few “People of PirateFest” and send them to us, we will share them, and award prizes to the winners.  (2013 Pittsburgh Pirates Prospects Guides)

I’m here to tell you why I attend. It’s a paradise for the insane.

Just look at what a few minutes on the internets brings back in eye candy from past events!

Lanny got his nails done at PirateFest?  Now that’s a man confident in his own skin.  Where was that Dove commercial back then?

No idea what’s up here?  But it scared me a little bit.

In 2008, these headphones absolutely mesmerized Ian Snell.  We heard it was eighteen minutes before he figured them out (yeh, more bloggers being critical of Snell, I know)   If the big fat ass didn’t cut in front of the camera around the 15 second mark this video was sure to go viral.

Where else do people stand in lines for hours on end to get an autograph from Electric Stuff?

In one of the best PirateFest videos ever, cue this up around the :18 second mark…..and watch YinzerFest in all of its’ glory.

Yes, you too can enjoy the miracle known as PirateFest this weekend.  Where some Pirates fans think they truly are Jesus.

Like the second coming of the savior, this bespectled man thinks he is hovering above the thousands of year old bobbleheads, waterbottles, and leftover free shirt Friday size mediums stuffed in those duffel bags.

Enjoy the show this weekend, be sure to email or tweet us your pictures.  We have some prizes you will enjoy.