The Final Post for RumBunter


Bob Nutting gets the bad news about the world ending.

The world, according to one theory, is slated to end on Dec. 21.   So we guess this is it everyone.   We just found out the news.  We can’t really say much since time is running out, so, selfishly, we are going to have some fun while it lasts.

We want you to know that it was cool getting to know everyone.  But before we go, if you have the time, we want you to check something out.

Watch this video from Root Sports Pittsburgh, it’s the final interview with Pittsburgh Pirates owner Bob Nutting.    The world is going to end and…… this is how multi-millionare Bob Nutting goes out.  Baffling.

Since the end of the 2012 season, we have heard a great deal about evaluations and the fact that the management team is on its’ last legs.

When I watch this video, which I have done three times, there is nothing that leads me to believe anything upsets Bob Nutting.  My takeway is this, it seems as if Nutting wants fans of the Pirates to just keep perspective on the situation.

Despite the obvious, which is the 2012 Pirates season was the worst collapse in baseball history, the owner of the team is unfazed.   Nutting shrugs it off, as only the majority owner of a franchise that has lost for 20 consecutive years could, saying

"–“it’s still the best season we have had for 20 years.”  Bob Nutting"

Nutting talks about how so much attention has been placed on how the team finished.  (Umm, isn’t that the goal?)

To me this doesn’t look like an owner that is upset over the performance of his organization.   Nutting talks about “one or two factor that created uh….the collapse such as we saw.”   One or two factors, hmmm…so what has been put in place to make those changes?

Unfortuantely, Bob Nutting doesn’t give us that answer in the interview.

Surprisingly at certain points, Nutting becomes the interviewer !  He starts asking questions about acquiring talent.   Aren’t those the questions he should be answering not asking?

He discusses the seven game improvement. The 21 game improvement. The man with the majority ownership says he “believes the building blocks, uh…. to move forward into 2013 with a stronger position and the same goal which we started last year which is to win a championship.”

Please stop the record from skipping for me somebody.

Bob.  Bob.   The world is going to end Bob.

Nice interview.