The Pittsburgh Pirates New Batting Practice Hat Brings Back Bad Memories


It’s that time again.  Every few years all Major League Baseball teams get new batting practice hats.  The Atlanta Braves hat has opened some eyes today due to the fact it’s the ‘screaming savage.’

The Pirates weren’t nearly as controversial.  But it is different from every other hat as Paul Lukas noted in his article.  I hate it.  But that’s just me.

"Uni Watch is now prepared to provide you with an exclusive sneak peek at the new headwear — 36 new caps in all, because some teams have separate designs for home and away.The longstanding BP cap trend has been that each design cycle is worse than the previous one. But Uni Watch is happy to report that this streak has finally been broken. The new caps have no silly stretch panels and no extraneous design. So most of the new caps are better than the old ones."

That’s Paul’s opinion not mine.  But anyway, here is the new hat and here are all the rest.  I guess we will have to be satisfied with the fact that the Bucs will rock the 70’s uniforms once in a while on Sunday.

Just hope someone has ran all this by A.J. Burnett.  We hear that he’s not a fan of the grey jersey at all.  Can’t say that I blame him either.

Photo from Paul Lukas UniWatch

I think I hate it because it reminds me of this…

Which of course, reminds me of this….

Which when I see Kris Benson, reminds me of this….

And that’s bad. Real bad.