Pittsburgh Pirates: 13 Things We Can Live Without in 2013


Bob Nuttings Bitter Crew: The Rise and Fall of the Pittsburgh Pirates

As the Pittsburgh sports scene puts an awful 2012 in the rear view mirror, we can’t help but look ahead to 2013.  Yeh,  we realize these lists suck harder than the Bucs in September, but deal with it.  The Pittsburgh Pirates will be back on the diamond shortly and it can’t come soon enough.

The first thing we can live without in 2013 is a phrase that we despise.  You’ve heard it before.  We think from now on, it will bother you as much as it does us.   It’s the following phrase…

"‘We will never use it as an excuse…. but [INSERT EXCUSE HERE]”"

Strikeouts and Clay Pigeon Shoots.

Alex Presley.

Catchers.  And a pitching staff that fades down the stretch.


Columnists that suck.

Bob Nutting.  Let’s run throught the upcoming Nutting calendar.  The next time we will hear from Nutting will be when he gives his annual spring training pep talk to the Pirates players.  It’s that infamous speech that several players have told us included the majority owner telling the team he expects them to win the NL East.  Yeh, that’s not a misprint.  The man is considered a joke for good reason.  The Dollar General will then grab the giant gold scissors and head over to cut the ribbon at the reopening of McKechnie Field.  On April Fools Day 2013 a new Forbes article will have Nutting moving up on the richest MLB owners list.  Nutting will then go live on 93.7 The Fan to deny the report.  It’s getting old.

Bunting drills.

A #DREWSUTTON story.  If suddenly a Drew Sutton-like player arrives on the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball scene, doom is about to envelope the city.  Shouldn’t the Bucs be past these acquistions by now?

The ballclub trading for players who have options left, but aren’t considered prospects.

The ballclub acquiring players who aren’t young, but could be the next Garrett Jones.

Another Budweiser bar, come on haven’t the Busch boys done enough damage already?

A collapse.

Another column that lists random things that pisses off the fans.