Pittsburgh Pirates Logo Contest: Send Us Your Logo Idea And You Could Win…


The Pittsburgh Pirates will be getting a new logo in 2014.   We discovered this cool news yesterday thanks to


Kipper the Godfather of the Pittsburgh Sports Forum.  It didn’t take long for some talented Pittsburghers to take their turn at coming up with a new look for the Bucs.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE:  Benjamin McFerren had a great idea.  The Compress Merch shirt

TUESDAY UPDATE:  Oh, yeh, this is a cool twist from T Seas!

Created by T Seas

MONDAY UPDATE:  Check this one out from Chad McConnell

And here is another one from Chad:

UPDATE:   A new logo was submitted tonight from Zack–it’s bad ass.

Ryan McElroy was the first one we saw, and it’s below.  You can follow Ryan on twitter here.

Kipper put this up over at PSF as an idea he thought of quickly.

If you have a logo idea, leave it below and we will add it into the post or send it to us on twitter and we will get them added here. We are giving away the new edition of Pirates Prospects for some of the best new logo designs, so make it quick.

Personally, I think the new Jolly Roger logo will include the famous P.  We have seen much more of the black jersey that rocks the Pirates P recently.   So it got us thinking that P will be included (or should be) an update on the famous 70’s Jolly Roger.  It would be able to stand alone this way when sold on merchandise, I’m thinking it would be in a graphic sense, different from the Bradenton logo, but in conception it would be similar.

The Pittsburgh Pirates can be included or it might be cleaner by simply using the iconic P in the logo.  After thinking about it, we think it would be hard for a graphic design firm to simply use the P, and ignore the knockout by using Pittsburgh Pirates.

We think we could live with something like that, but this alternate logo from the Marauders, just doesn’t do it for us…