Pittsburgh Pirates Majority Owner Keeps Talking In Circles


Bob Nutting is soaking up the sun in Scottsdale Arizona.  Tom Singer has a story up that is littered with quotes from the Pirates trigger puller.  It’s simply comical to watch what is happening under Nutting’s leadership.

The majority of the article talks about Hoka Hey shit.

But a few sentences are squeezed in about players that could improve the team.  It’s mind blowing.

But oh yeh, the Bucs are still interested in Francisco Liriano.

All we see is smoke.  Paragraph after paragraph of smoke grendades about training and focus and who got it right.

Nutting has created the ultimate smokescreen with this military training.  It reminds me of training I went through in Panama, I threw so many smoke grenades I thought my labrum was going to fall off.  Anyway, here is the circledom…Sigh.

Here is the article that Tom Singer put up last night:

"Nutting’s comments sharply contradicted a widespread perception that the chairman had ordered the training methods to cease, likely as a result of his comments to the media in early November. On that occassion, he addressed the training program, which had become an issue of contention with some members of the Pittsburgh media: “I believe that our primary responsibility is to develop baseball players to play baseball and win championships at PNC Park. If we can find the appropriate balance, where we have the safety of our players utmost in mind, that we have the baseball development utmost in mind, we can supplement that baseball focus with additional drills for team-building training.”"

Here is the response by Dejan Kovacevic:

"“It’s crystal clear we’re not running a boot camp, a paramilitary  operation. The focus must be and has been on baseball.  … We need to make sure we find the right balance, and if that balance  includes drawing lessons from a group like the Navy SEALS — an elite  organization that has mental toughness and performs at the highest level  — can we learn from that? Yes.”Note the use of “mental” in Nutting’s reply. That’s 100 percent consistent with what he told me and later a group of reporters on Election Day. The Hoka Hey stuff would have to get toned down, he said at the time, meaning the silly stuff — telephone poles, sandbags, hoses, all that — was out.I’ll repeat that: It’s out. I know this because Nutting told me out directly.Thus, the author’s contention in this piece that Nutting somehow contradicted the notion that he has ordered a halt to the wacky physical stuff, that’s patently false.Ask Nutting that question specifically. That’s what I did."

Let’s Go…Bu….