If MLB Teams Had Honest Names


Somehow we missed this photoshop oozing post at These Fries Are Good last April.  Obviously, we were more concerned with Opening Day festivities or something, so please excuse us, but you must check this out.

The work is by Brian Huntington who is on Twitter and also has a blog called NotZombies.

Justin Halpern now does work at Grantland as well.  In his bio it states that he’s also the author of the number one

New York Times


Sh*t My Dad Says.

He is also partially responsible for the television show of the same name, which you probably hated.

Halpren invented, (we think) the fauxsclusive of athletes email’s getting hacked, that we will probably attempt to modify in a future photoshop of some kind.  He  wrote that Tebow’s email was hacked here, which is very funny.

Halpern and Huntington combined their efforts on these logos, we think you will enjoy them, except that one about the damn Reds.  Damn we hate the Reds.

Halpren is a San Diego Padres fan.  So we can probably hold him accountable for the failure of the Friars to trade Chase Headley to Pittsburgh.  It was pretty obvious Headley would have launched the Pirates over the ….well never mind, just go find the Bucs logo.  It will come to you.

You’re welcome.

The American League Version.

The National League Version.