R.I.P Pittsburgh Pirates Shopping Network


We have no idea if the Pittsburgh Pirates Shopping Network was successful. The thought of pimping weddings when PNC Park is sitting empty is probably a really good idea.

The Pirates Shopping Network had its’ critics, me included, but we never really knew if the ads bothered other people like they did us. I mean we thought the idea was cool–the first time we saw it.  But after the fifth, sixth time…yeh…enough.  And that one fateful day…WHAM!   We knew it wasn’t just us.

You know when Freak Show Mikey pokes fun on Twitter, well, you’ve reached the big time Buccos.

The writing in the commercials, well… I dunno.  The video used…well, I dunno.

Maybe it’s just me, and I have been known to be critical every once in a while, but I’m just not sure about the chairs…the chairs just don’t scream fairytale wedding to a guy with a wife like I have.  And don’t leave some bullshit comments, my wife agreed.

It seems more like a Union Meeting.

So something about the Pirates Shopping Network just didn’t quite work.   We’re sure there will be a better use of Randi and Joe’s skills this year.

Maybe describing all of the event-hosting options available at PNC Park wasn’t an interesting video for most, but we did think there would be some benefits for hosting your wedding at PNC Park.  We put a few together, maybe you will like em.

Hold your wedding at PNC Park, here are some advantages.