Long Awaited Pittsburgh Pirates Christmas Present Has Arrived!


No, it’s not a new jumbotron, Buccos fans–the Francisco Liriano deal is done! Sing praises from on high as you ride the Pittsburgh Zipline!

It feels like this should be a bigger deal, doesn’t it–like Christmas morning or something?  Maybe it’s just the wait that killed us.  When we first heard the idea, we really liked it.  We blogged about it once, we mentioned some of the advantages, we made a Groundhog Day joke about it, and yesterday we begged that if Liriano had a close friend, they should talk some sense into Frankie.

Guess it worked.

Now Francisco Liriano is a Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher.  It just feels like it’s a big deal after such a long wait.

Like when you have been away for a week and come back to the one you love.  God that shit is great!

Or when you get promoted and that flashy new title is on your business card.

Or when you just finished stacking a cord of wood, or mowed the lawn and grab that well deserved beer when everything was finished.

Or the twisted ending to a really good movie…

I don’t know, the Liriano deal seems like it just should be this tremendous feeling attached to it,  but really it’s just Frankie in a cast. So what’s next?

Frankie Goes to Bradenton!