Pirates Nutting Saw Room For Scouts Who Rely On Eyes, Rather Than Analytics


Bob Nutting’s To-Do List includes finding scouts who use their eyes rather than analytics.

Pittsburgh Pirates owner Bob Nutting spoke about his investigation last year.  You remember…one of the richest owners in baseball told Pirates fans  if “they are angry to count to ten. If you’re really angry, count to 100.’

Excuse us, we are going to start counting to infinity….

You recall Nutting felt that the teams’ “success” was good enough to keep everyone employed. Even though the team will see a significant increase in revenues in 2013, Nutting didn’t overspend this offseason.

The team hired four scouts and brought in Bill Livesey, an older baseball mind, who once scouted some big name players for the Yankees.

Little was heard from Nutting after his investigation press conference.  Very little has come out about what Nutting discovered during the investigation.  (Investigation really sounds like someone died, doesn’t it?)

But now we’ve have found something.  Well actuallly not us, but Bill Brink.

Brink, who writes for the PG has finished up his articles on the Pirates player development today.  It’s a good article and an important piece of information was disclosed although a quote isn’t with it.

Near the end of the article is the following sentence.

"Nutting said he saw room in the organization for scouts who rely on their eyes and instincts, rather than analytics…."

It makes me very curious to see how the Pirates utilize their two first round draft picks this season.  Old school and new school all in the same room, sounds like a movie.

Pirates Owner Bob Nutting has spoken on his investigation