“Did Gerrit Cole Lose A Ton Of Weight Or Something?”


No, this is not Gerrit Cole

As Pittsburgh Pirates fans, it’s been a long twenty years.  The success has been fleeting and prospect after prospect has broken our hearts.

So when I receive an email like I got today, it’s almost expected.

Great.   What used to make me freak out, now just makes me take a deep, deep breath and let out a long sigh as I responded with one word..


What came back in the email from Eric was a link to a video the Post Gazette had published.  Eric asked me “Where did that accent come from?”

Whew….it’s all going to be o.k.   Just an interns mistake when posting the video at the Post Gazette, Kyle McPherson was labeled as Gerrit Cole.  On this day, there is no emergency news to report.  All is well, Bucco fans, all is well.



We won’t have to start doing any searches for what is the cause of unintentional weight loss after all.

But in case you did want to know, weight loss occurs for many reasons. Dietary and lifestyle changes  that lead to lesser caloric intake and/or increased caloric expenditure  (increased physical activity) commonly lead to weight loss.   That wouldn’t be it.

Some illnesses, such  as digestive disorders and certain forms of cancer may also cause unintended  weight loss.

Cancer?  That’s about the only thing I can think of that hasn’t happened to the Bucs in their struggles over the past twenty years.