How We Will Try To Fall In Love With The Pittsburgh Pirates Again


Man it was easy to love the Pittsburgh Pirates last year.  It was a honeymoon phase for some of the new(er) fans.  For long time Pirates fans it was like the ridiculous idea of renewking your vows with a spouse.  The sins of the past were forgotten–well for four months anyway.  Of course, the love affair was over faster than Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, or more accurately Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson.

At least it wasn’t Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman–that only lasted six days.

Pittsburgh fell head over heals in 2012.  It was exhilarating to watch what the Bucs did, but it ended up with the same old frustration.  The killer was the familiarity of it all.  All of you old married readers know what we are talking about.

For us, we’ve watched the Bucs play horribly in the second half for a long time.   Something special, something magical turned into the same old ho-hum shit.

So this season, how will we try and make it better?

Fool Me Once…..

It probably won’t take long.  We must prepare for greatness, but do it slowly, let it build.  And when it doesn’t happen, we won’t be crushed.   It is really easy to get blown away by the team being 16 games over .500.

How did George Bush say it……fool me once, shame on…you  Fool me….twice …well you’re not going to fool me again.  We are going to consider ourselves the scorned old lady whose last 20 husbands have died and she doesn’t know if she can love anymore.

Brush Up On Our People Skills.

We are in this together.  If you ever sit near us at a game, it’s painful.   On the blog maybe we should run more contests or some shit like that.  2013 should be fun.    We need to make you, our readers, laugh more.  In turn, please feel free to send us things you think would be fun to do or post, etc.

Look at the Big Picture and cheer for the underdog.

Not much is going to change under Bob Nutting’s ownership.  Nutting isn’t going anywhere.  It sucks.  The Bucs are going to have to be perfect in order to win.  The odds are against ’em and likely always will be.  At least the Pirates try to do a nice job of making the


customers feel good when they go to a game.  We will try and do that here too, but we won’t shoot you a free hot dog.

Take Up Drinking.

We are going to attempt to drink alcohol during (more) games this season.  The recaps might not be very accurate, but we think it will help us forget as those strikeouts pile up again.

If you try these tips this year, maybe you can fall in love with the Bucs again.  If it doesn’t work out, the Yankees can always use a few ticket buyers.

I’m optimisitic for 2013, but in the end, after such a sucky Steelers season, I would be thrilled with just a few months of Bucco-bliss again.