Kevin Correia Gets A Little Salty


Kevin Correia signed a ten million dollar deal with the Minnesota Twins.  Ten.  Million.  For that amount of money, the Twins get quotes like these from the craft-beer loving, California kid.

"“I’m probably not going to strike out 250 guys but I think at the end of the day you’ve got to look at wins and losses. That’s what’s important,”"

Attention Fantasy Owners, Grilli doesnt believe 250 strikeouts in 2013 is possible.  But surprisingly, we’ve said that Correia is probably Neal Huntington’s best free agent signing.  It’s just damn hard to understand.

A lot of us joked and called the All-Star right hander ‘the win collector.’  You must admit he was rather proficient at collecting wins–at least with the Buccos.

Correia said he focuses on winning games, and thinks the “best way to do that is pitch as many innings as you can…”

But we’re curious if six wins per season in a ten year career can back up his claims.  We’re curious if being chased before the sixth inning in 27 of 32 starts gives him credibility.  Or the fact that the strikeouts rank him 45th in the NL last year.

The 32-year old collected 24 wins with the black and gold, the other 44 came in eight years with the Giants and Padres.  It will be damn hard for Correia to match those Bucco win totals during his two years with Minnesota,

We trust he can pile up a few more wins in Minnesota.  KC is one of the coolest Buccos we had an opportunity to meet.  We trust the 6’3″ 200 pounder will not just survives in the AL, but somehow earns that cash with a couple of good years.

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