Pirates Spring Training: Some Random Thoughts


Pirates shortstop Alen Hanson takes a break during camp

1.  Why is it that opposing teams pitchers….. 

a.  seem never to be concerned about just throwing strikes or improving their fastball command?

b.  are given instructions to not throw curveballs?

c.  have been able to hold the Bucs to the fewest runs in the Grapefruit League?

d.  have been better than the Pirates pitchers?

e.  are able to nearly no-hit the Buccos?

2.  I wonder if A.J. Burnett would have received a standing ovation if his poor “got his work in” outing yesterday was at PNC Park? 

3.  How many times will we be told, none of this matters?  Shouldn’t our backups, hanger ons, and minor league players be better than everyone elses backups, hanger ons and minor league players?  I mean at least some of the time they should right?

See, I would love to see Jared Goedert crush a couple doubles every other game.  If Brooks Brown wants to strike out the side each time out, it’s cool with me.  Should Mike McKenry choose to throw out a runner or two, it would be refreshing.   Brandon Inge and Brad Hawpe–heh fellas…have a spring!  Felix ‘Pittsburgh’ Pie, you crush ten doubles man, I am pumped!  If Jonathan Sanchez wants to pitch like he wants to stay in baseball–hell, I am all for it!

Of course it still doesn’t matter or whatever, but it would at least be enjoyable.

4.  Is it that hard to throw strikes?

5.  Tony Dungy pre-game speeches? 

6.  Ray Lewis would give a great pre game speech, why not have him stop by the Buccos dugout.  Mike McKenry and the boys could use a powerful Jesus-inspired pep talk.

7.  If Team Spain beats up on the Bucs, is it a sign from heaven?

8.  Isn’t this the guy that said Chad Hermanson could walk on water?  Why is he standing so close to Alen Hanson?

9.  Does Kyle Stark think Josh Bell’s butt looks big?