Pittsburgh Pirates Trade Rumors: Gaby Sanchez To New York Yankees?


The first thought when we saw the Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Yankees connected on a trade is outstanding, the Bucs need some help.  The second thought was there is absolutely no freaking way the Bucs are going to give up Gaby Sanchez and leave only Garrett Jones to man first base in 2012.   Go check out what Joel Sherman came up with a trade proposal in this post yesterday.

But then we got to thinking, what if the Yankees were really desperate?  The Bronx Bombers are decimated with injuries and Sanchez appears quite healthy this spring.  Hell, Sanchez is even getting some time at the hot corner which certainly means the Buccos are doing some planning based on what could unfold during the season.  Wait.  This isn’t happening.  Jon Heyman?

It’s hard for me to believe that ‘Sanchez appears to be available,’ when the Pirates trot him out to third base routinely in practice sessions and even in games.  The Bucs have plans for Sanchez–they gave up a rather costly investment in a draft pick to acquire the one-time All-Star.

It would take a package of prospects for the Pirates to get blown away.  Please tell me why the Buccos would want David Aardsma to be in the backend of the bullpen with  Jason Grilli?

Other than being the first name in the 2013 Baseball Prospectus Almanac, there is nothing that stands out about the 6’4″ right hander than he’s been injured more than Tyler Yates.  His surgery.  Elbow surgery.  Declining velocity on his four seamer.   By my count he has pitched 11….yeh, eleven total innings since his 2010 season with the Mariners.

Try a little harder fellas.