Pittsburgh Pirates Opening Day Photo Hunt: Win $100


PNC Park is the greatest ballpark on the planet. But it’s not the big statues, great view, or fancy food that make it great, it’s the people at the game. As you know, Opening Day is a people watching holiday. So in honor of Kenny, the greatest vendor in history of the universe, we are proud

to announce our Fourth Annual Photo Opening Day Photo Hunt. It’s still as simple as it’s ever been. All you have to do is take the pictures at the opener at PNC Park and get them to us. We compile ’em, and somebody is $100 richer.

Photos can be submitted beginning at 9:30am when the parking lots open. We will accept photos through 10pm Tuesday, because we know you’re getting shittty. We don’t think anyone will get more than a few of these, but the person that gets most will win $100 cash.

If you need the list in text format, here you go:

Fans at the game wearing ex-Bucco jerseys, you can snap up to five of these legendary shots (Derrek Bell showed up last year so be sure to submit the most outlandish.)

Best Pirates fan mullet or Cubs fan mullet.  Hell, any mullet will work.

Any member of the Pittsburgh media.  (If Dejan is hugging Nutting in the picture, you get bonus points)

Anyone soaking in the


snowflakes shirtless.

The saxophone man.

The new glazed dougnut holding Brunch Burger in the Hall of Fame Club.

An original photo.

Send your pics to us one of two ways :

OPTION ONE: email myrumbunter at gmail

OPTION TWO: send to our Twitter account

We will compile them, pick the overall winner, publish them, and start printing your cash.