Pirates Opening Day Photo Hunt Winners


The winners of the 2013 RumBunter Opening Day Photo Hunt have been compiled.  It was a tough day to get into the spirit of the taking pictures all over PNC Park, but over a hundred pics were sent, most of them were low quality phone pics.  Which is cool, but not great for the internets, the dark day also ruined a few pics too.  But in the end, some stood out, so we attempted to gather the ones our judges loved all in one place.  We trust you agree.

We compiled them by using their twitter handles to protect the innocent and those who skipped work.  We admire your courage Bucco fans.    Unfortunately, last year’s Champion, Jimmy Chick was not in attendance.  So in his honor we present this pic from 2012 Opening Day….soak it up ladies.


The 2013 Pics:

Hammerin’ Hank sent in several great shots.  Including a cool Hyzdu jersey which we thought was his best.

Paul sent this one in….

Phil found a couple cool shots too which made it really tough on our judges.

Ohhhh, the mullet….

Chris was in on the action as well with the Vogelsong sighting.

But in the end, the three judges thought Ryan took it home thanks to a couple great pics of Sax Man and the best shot of the Club Erotica limo. No pics were sent after the limo pic, though…hmmm…

If everyone could email us their address before the weekend, we have something we want to send out to you.  Ryan gets the cash.   Congrats to each of you, we had a good time putting this together.

my rumbunter at g mail dot com