Jason Grilli Entrance Video Makes Debut (Video)


Some of the diehard fans asked questions this season about what song Jason Grilli will come out to and what his entrance video will look like.

Joel Hanrahan always had a great one. Being from Iowa, Hanrahan ran out to the mound to the song “Before I Forget,” by the Iowa rock band, Slipknot. It got the fans going, and was always a pretty sweet video.

A few other recent closers had some “interesting” ones. Matt Capps claimed he was a “big bull rider,” and well, Octavio Dotel’s was in a different language.

In recent years, I understand that Grilli used the song “Welcome to the Jungle,” by Guns N’ Roses while pitching with the Detroit Tigers. I’m glad he chose a different song this season, because “Welcome to the Jungle” earns an F in the originality column.

Grilli’s video made it’s debut Wednesday night before his first outing of the season with the Pirates. A lot of fans knew he was a big Pearl Jam fan, so he decided to go with the song “Whipping,” by Pearl Jam. It wasn’t bad. The song isn’t as good as Hanrahan’s, and I liked Hanrahan’s video a lot more, but this one still got me fired up. The shots of Grilli with an actual grilled cheese in a pan were pretty good, and that was the best part of the entrance video for me.

So enough with me talking, and take a look at Grilli’s new video. My phone doesn’t record the best videos, and hopefully you guys are able to watch it fine.

When it’s all said and done, it’s only a video. A big deal shouldn’t be made about what’s on the scoreboard when a closer runs out to the mound, but I, and I’m sure the rest of the fans, am hoping we see this video a lot this season at PNC Park.