Pittsburgh Pirates Rocking 70’s Jerseys Inspire Some Fav 70’s Bucs Pics


The 1971 Pittsburgh Pirates were called by some the team that changed baseball.  Today at PNC Park, the Pirates will be rocking their new alternate home uniform which will be an update of that classic Pirates uniform that was first introduced in 1970 and worn by the 1971 World Series Championship Pirates team.

Just please tell me they thought about the stirrups.  Please.  Please.  Surely, someone thought about these glorious sani’s from that era.  So. Classic.

Just looking at those pics, forced me to wax a bit nostaglic, trust you don’t mind.

Let’s get the details out of the way….The uniform will be worn for the first time today and during each Sunday home game throughout the 2013 season.   The look includes a new mustard gold cap and a pullover style jersey just as it was in the early 1970’s.  If you recall, the Bucs wore a similar jersey in 2011 when they celebrated the 1971 World Series, but the mustard outline around the black Pirates emblem wasn’t even close to the original.

Earlier this season the Bucs said the new updated jersey will be made of “Cool Base” fabric for improved breathability and increased range of motion.

Here is the description from the Pirates website:  The front of the jersey will feature black “Pirates” lettering outlined in mustard gold on the chest, as well as the player’s number below the lettering on the left hand side of the jersey. The players’ names have been added to the back of the jerseys to go along with their number, as opposed to the 1970 jerseys that did not feature the names. Black, white and mustard gold piping will be featured on the jersey’s collar and sleeves, as well as on the waistband of the pants.

Here are some of the pictures we love from that era of Buccos baseball.

Before there were #Hashtags, there were cool buttons.

Such a phenomenal picture.


Phil Irwin should customize his chops in honor of Dock when he gets the start tomorrow.

Wonder if JMac can pull this off tomorrow?

Ah, propaganda, glorious propaganda…

We never noticed the umpire in this glorious Steve Blass pic before…

God, these stirrups are so everything…