Pedro Alvarez Home Runs Make Photoshop and GIF Magic


Pedro Alvarez second homer of the 2013 Season. The GIF

A Pedro Alvarez home run is unique.   Perhaps it’s the potential the man – usually referred to as El Toro or Petey – brings to the Pittsburgh Pirates which piques our interest.  It’s that potential that we heard so much about as the Big Bull was coming through the minors.

But Alvarez was rushed a bit during a season in which the team looked, quite simply, awful.  Pedro’s promotion would sell some tickets was how we viewed it–maybe give the fans something to be positive about for the future.  The fans expected so much more.  It was almost as if Alvarez was expected to pop his pecs and instantly end the Pirates ignominy.

The first round pick out of Vanderbilt has a knack for cracking the bat with such power that it reminds us of some Pirates sluggers past.  It’s a gift.  This powerful gift is why he is so unique to the Pirates lineup. Nobody wearing black and yellow has the ability to change the game so quickly.  A few Buccos have power, but none have Pedro Power.

Just as no two snowflakes are alike, nobody is like Pedro.  That’s a rather basic statement – one we learn in grade school – but just like our grade school teacher told us, nobody controls that potential except Pedro.

It’s why there was only one Willie Stargell, one Dave Parker, –and why there will be only one Pedro Alvarez.

Once again this year, it’s our goal to photoshop every glorious Pedro Bomb.  In this post we got some great help with the GIFs which were created by Davidson Teacher.  [Follow him on Twitter by clicking that link.]

Here is the bigger GIF.

Pedro Alvarez GIF

APR 19:  Pedro Alvarez hit his second home run of the season.