Pittsburgh Pirates Zoltan Costume


The Pittsburgh Pirates have brought back the Zoltan.  Well, Andrew McCutchen brought it back – and what a run the team has been on since he did.  Unfortunately, Cutch  is off to the worst start of his career. But damn if the team hasn’t caught fire since he flashed the familiar Z.

We have seen numerous versions of the Zoltan while attending games at PNC Park.  We’ve tweeted each and every picture we receive from fans rocking the bubble wrap.  Tonight we saw a tweet  from 80’s Tees promoting a Zoltan bubble wrap suit.  We figured we would click on it, and man, are we glad we did.  Here is the link.

The description is oh, so good.

And. The. Features!

"The Bubble Wrap Suit is modeled after the ones worn by Zoltan and his followers in Dude, Where’s My Car.  Included is the full body suit, detachable hood, and clear plastic belt.  The suit buttons up with snaps, and the wrist includes clear plastic cuffs with snaps.  The front pocket is made of clear plastic."

A detachable hood!

A plastic belt!

A front pocket!

It would take at least six hours to make something like this. So guess what? Pay yourself ten dollars an hour and save a long portion of your life.