So, I Got A Text From A Cleveland Indians Fan


Immediately after the Pittsburgh Pirates took their spot atop the National League Central with their 9-0 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals, we got a text from a well-known, die-hard Cleveland Indians fan.   We mean die-hard.

We’re pretty sure he’s about to lose his mind over the 9-13, last place Indians.

Why he thought of us after the Bucs fifth shutout of the season is hard to imagine, but we thought it was cool.  The text was direct and immediately hit the points he was trying to make.  It took a few bubbles to get it all over, but it was a pretty good read.

When we replied with a simple reply:  ‘ very well said,’  he immediately responded with a classic:  Wish we could say it about the Tribe.

It’s pretty understandable when considering everything that Cleveland has done recently.

Yeah, it’s early.  We know.  But it was still pretty cool.

Here is is:

"1.  Battery can hit for power, both.2.  Starting pitching, with a stable behind them that hasn’t been touched.3.  Bullpen see above.4.  Lead off hitter can hit for power and has been getting on base.5.  The first base platoon that can switch between pitchers and can even create a lineup in which both can play if the situation deems likely to improve offense.6.  Quality trades that did not deplete a farm system paying benefits.Tom, I hope this one lasts for you, because there a lot of stars aligning right now on your Pirates."

We probably should have wished him some polite encouragement.  Screw that.