Rumbunter Media Enterprises™  has some BIG news to announce.  You..."/>

Rumbunter Media Enterprises™  has some BIG news to announce.  You..."/>

Rumbunter Media Enterprises™  has some BIG news to announce.  You..."/>

The @RumbunterPodcst Returns With Special Guest @Tony26Montana


Rumbunter Media Enterprises™  has some BIG news to announce.  You’ve probably been wondering where the hell we’ve been since the last Rumbunter Podcast way back when. Well, a lot has happened, but we’re here to tell you that Rumbunter has taken another step toward our eventual goal of Total Global Domination (ToGloDo®) with the addition of our new Rumbunter Plus site !!

Now, the even better news for you–because it’s always all about you, gang

After much negotiation – including hand-wringing, teeth-gnashing, and rending of garments – we are able to offer all of the content on our “Plus” site without a subscription fee for you.  There are no annoying pop-up ads, because we’ve been able to secure a sponsor (for now) to offset the very hefty costs associated with putting all this madness together. No salesman will call, no books to buy, no postcards to return… but there will be 80’s-inspired half-shirts.

There will be videos (eventually) and photoshops to enjoy, but again – no pesky pop-up ads to deal with (or try to avoid).  Registration is not required.  There will be no need to enter your email—like we would want to spam your ass, anyway?  This is all just about more of everything for you.  And more everything for you is a good thing, right?

More content will be added as the season goes along, including each podcast*.

Cocktailsfor2 has been working feverishly with his sweetheart to make all of this happen for us. The amount of work the two of them put into this has been a labor of love–so please thank them when you see them, tweet them your gratitude, send them money, buy them drinks this summer at The Gathering IV.

Without further hoopla, sit back and please…circle your finger above your head and bring it down emphatically when you click the link below.

Ladies and Gentlemen…..boom! Click here for the  Rumbunter Podcast on Rumbunter Plus with Pirates backstop of the future Tony Sanchez. Tony talks about his hitting,  Gerrit Cole and the Indians’ pitching staff, and more.

*Please note: This is a “bare-bones” edition of the podcast, full of background noise, uneven audio levels, burps, farts, and the like – it will get a LOT better as we move forward; trust us on this.

In the meantime, beware of surging sounds!

(No, seriously – keep your thumb near the volume control…)

**ALSO: We’ll have the podcast up on iTunes as soon as we can – we’re efforting that like mad, y’all. Meantime, stream it live or right-click and save, then open with your iTunes library.