Why Was Pirates Russell Martin So Pissed Off Last Night Against The Brewers?


Russell Martin was rather upset in the fourth inning of the Pittsburgh Pirates 12-8 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers last night. The Bucs averaged six runs a game, but it wasn’t enough and the Bucs are facing the possibility of being swept in Miller Park.

Nothing new on that front, but this GIF captured by Matt Bandi is really interesting. Why is Russell Martin so pissed off at what looks like the Brewers third base coach? Stealing signs as was discussed last evening perhaps?

[Click on the GIF if it’s not rolling, it’s huge, just like the facial expression Martin makes]

Regardless if the Brewers were stealing signs, the Bucs had very little help from their pitching staff last night.

James McDonald had a season high five walks. In regard to McDonald, Hurdle had this to say after the game…

"It has nothing to do with mechanics. It’s all about intent."

The bullpen did little to help keep the Brewers off the bases and Milwaukee scored in six of their eight at-bats.  Vin Mazzaro got ripped.  Bryan Morris got ripped.  Well, you get it.

The Pirates fought back and Andrew McCutchen did his part going 4-for-5 on the night.  Starling Marte is still outshining McCutchen as he continues to pile up hits, and last night led off the game with a double and later hit an absolute bomb, a three-run blast, to give the Pirates a one-run lead late in the game.

After the game, McCutchen disgustingly said…

"It’s the end of April.  I am not results oriented, I am process oriented. I focus on the approach and go from there.  They had a four run lead at one point.  That shows we aren’t going to give up.  We aren’t worried about the past.  You know, the stats.  We are going to keep showing up everyday."

Tony Watson couldn’t make it stand up as he gave up a three-run bomb to close the book on the Bucs.

Tom Gorzelanny got the victory and I swore we saw him throw a 94 mile per hour fastball.

If you are keeping score at home…we pity you.  The Bucs are 7-46 in Miller Park in the last 53 games.

The Brew Crew had 15 hits.  The Pirates had 14.