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The Brandon Inge Pittsburgh Pirates Era Has Begun: His Yinzer Report Card


The Brandon Inge Era is officially underway with the veteran joining the Pittsburgh Pirates on their long road trip. So as Inge prepares for his Pittsburgh debut, how has the Inge administration done so far, you ask? Well, we have the poll results for you below.

SOCIAL STUDIES– F :   Inge steps onto the PNC Park field tonight, likely starting at second base for the Pittsburgh Kid Neil Walker.  That’s difficult, but Inge has made a big impact in social media.  The hashtags are numerous, some great, some not so great.

The big social mistake Inge made in our eyes was announcing his Detroit Red Wings fanhood.  Keep that bullsh*t to yourself fella.

A fan at a Triple-A game was so pissed at Inge, he fired peanuts at him and threw a beer.  Inge kept his cool, although his teammates didn’t.  Maybe this guy is a leader after all if teammates are thinking about jumping in the stands to defend him.  Heh, why don’t my co-workers stand up for me like this–maybe this leadership stuff has more to it than we know?

SCIENCE– B :  Inge has hit safely in eight straight games.  If you go back to last year, he has hit safely in 27 of his last 29 games.  The seven strikeouts against one walk hold his OBP steady at .345.  All the singles aren’t real jaw drapping, but hits are hits in the boxcaore.   Inge is having more success than previous well known names signed by the Bucs.

PHYSICAL FITNESS– A :  The guy broke his shoulder blade in spring training.  And now he’s simply winning games for the Buccos with his always consistent glove and his bat.  Pretty admirable stuff.

ART– D :  The ability to express happiness on the basepaths is done by the Buccos with the Zoltan.  When it comes to the ability for Inge to artfully express his success, the veteran fails.

Seriously, what is this?

VETERAN PRESENCE– A+ :  Prior to the Brewers series, the veteran infielder was asked why were the Pirates having such success.  The reply was shocking to us.  The answer Inge gave had nothing to do with pitching, preperation, timely hitting, a never say die attitude, the house psychiatrist, the hypnotist, or the faith healer.  Inge said the reason for the success was the “clubhouse atmosphere.”

If yinz are buying it, I guess I will buy it.  It seems pretty obvious the guys in the clubhouse sure do seem to like the old guy.  Maybe it’s because he keeps piling up those base knocks.

Who knows what happens when the new-guy-ness wears thin, but let’s just say Brandon Inge is Mr. Right Now.  And for right now, that’s ok I guess.