VIDEO: Bryce Harper Is Ejected During Ump Show


The Washington Nationals and the Pittsburgh Pirates were getting things rolling today at PNC Park with the series on the line.   Each team has grabbed a game, and it just got a bit tougher for the Nats to take the game when third-base umpire John Hirschbeck put on an ump show for all to see.

Watch the video below for yourself, but it’s hard to imagine why Hirschbeck needs to keep walking toward Harper after he makes the call.

The Nats “all-everything” phenom was tossed in the the first inning by Hirschbeck from about 100 feet away from home plate.  If you look at the embedded video (probably for a short time),  Harper tried to hold up on  2-2 pitch from southpaw Wandy Rodriguez.  The home plate ump was Bob Davidson, and on the play you can see that Davidson pointed to Hirschbeck for some help – even though the pitch looked like it was a strike.

The NL Rookie of the Year stood outside the batter’s box and stared at Hirschbeck, and after a few moments you can see Harper say something and then drops his bat.  Shortly afterward, Hirschbeck tossed Harper.

We have a lot of fun poking fun at Bryce Harper, but that was pretty pathetic.  Especially on a Kid’s Sunday at the ballpark– because, you know, so many people came to PNC Park today to get a look at John Hirschbeck, right?