Francisco Liriano Set To Make NL Debut For Pirates, Duke Welker Sent To Indianapolis


Fans show their support for Francisco Liriano who will make his Pittsburgh Pirates debut today against the New York Mets at Citi Field.

The Pittsburgh Pirates have activated Francisco Liriano from the disabled list and he will make his debut for the Bucs today against the New York Mets.  Since a Christmas Day prank went wrong at his home, the southpaw has been recovering from a broken right arm.


Francisco Liriano’s house is a place to avoid on Christmas

"Today Francisco Liriano announced to the Pittsburgh media how he broke his right arm. The left handed pitcher said he broke his right humerous bone trying to surprise his children at Christmas. Hmm… it’s either a really weak bone or the doors in Frankie’s house are solid steel.You know sometimes we wonder what it would be like at other peoples house on Christmas Day. What interesting traditions do other families have? Do they overload on no-bake cookies, cook without setting off multiple smoke alarms, and drink beer before lunch like we do at the Smith household?Apparently at Liriano’s house they scare the shit out of one another on Christmas, sort of like Halloween, but apparently different. You know, like Bad Santa, but Scary Daddy Santa.If Christmas can be that damaging to the Liriano househould, just wait until Valentines Day:Justin Klugh of That Balls Outta Here tweeted this….Liriano’s children creeping out of their rooms on Valentine’s Day as their dad, with a cross bow, giggles while hiding behind a house plant"

Liriano made five minor league rehab starts including three with Triple-A Indianapolis.  The lefty struck out 33 and walked four in 21.2 innings as he put up a 4.15 ERA.

Pittsburgh cleared a roster spot by announcing that Duke Welker will return to Triple-A to continue his domination for the Indianapolis Indians.  Clint Hurdle said the 29-year-old Liriano won’t be on a strict pitch count after throwing 98 on Sunday for the Tribe in Indy.

"“We’re looking forward to getting him on a mound and see what the major league hitters tell us.”"

If you recall the Bucs had agreed to pay $12.75 million over two-years until the Christmad Day prank ended that discussion.  After much discussion, a lot of photoshop pressure put on by Rumbunter and speculation, the Pirates covered their risk and revised the offer to Liriano.

The new deal was finalized in February and after Liriano didn’t pull any surprises on Valentines Day, the guarantee of $1 million was signed.

The southpaw can earn $13.75 million plus bonuses over two seasons in the new contract which is filled with incentives surrounding time spent in the big league rotation.