Dan Patrick Confuses AJ Burnett With Bronson Arroyo


Dan Patrick met A.J. Burnett this weekend. Unfortunately, he thought he was ex-Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Bronson Arroyo. Give a listen below.

Dan Patrick tells the tale in the video, but in case you can’t see it…here is the skinny…

Patrick: Grand Central. I see a guy about 6’5″….tats… he looks at me…I look at him and look away….

A.J. Burnett: I know you….. !

(And then Dan Patrick drops the bomb….)

Dan Patrick: How is your music?

(About this time we would have to think Burnett realizes Dan Patrick has no idea who he is. Patrick is pumped—Bronson Arroyo, guitar player…on my show!  Burnett feels down a bit, maybe pissed off, but we doubt it, more like damn, he really is a tool after all.)

Dan Patrick: We would like to have you on the show…

(Patrick still has no idea it’s Burnett.   While A.J. mutters to himself, I am never going on that clown’s show.)

Dan Patrick: We asked for you before you threw your no-hitter.


Dan Patrick:  Problem is I thought it was Bronson Arroyo….

Patrick said A.J. told him he hurt his hand. (It’s actually called being the NL leader in strikeouts.  Number two in MLB.  Burnett offered his left hand. Patrick said Burnett was still walking out the door when he told him to reach out to my guy…

Yeh, don’t wait up for that call Dan-ettes.

God this would suck…..

Oh, God this sounds uncomfortable…

Dan Patrick meets a lot of people.  He is around a lot of athletes. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh has some work to do before its players are well known. A lot of work.

But confusing A.J. Burnett with Bronson Arroyo?

Campbell Sproul said it well in a tweet this afternoon.

Campbell Sproul‏@CampbellSproul20m
@rumbunter Dan Patrick needs to stop being an idiot. That would work too.