New Video: Garrett Jones Career Highlights


The last video I made was a tribute to Andrew McCutchen’s career as a Pittsburgh Pirate. McCutchen is the face of the franchise, and one of the better players in the whole MLB. You can watch that here:

I’ve been thinking recently about Garrett Jones’ days as a Pittsburgh Pirate. Yes, he’s not as good as McCutchen, there’s really no debating that. But when you look into it, there’s very few people on the team, behind McCutchen and Jones, who put up the consistent numbers that they do.

Jones has had his ups and downs throughout his career. He wasn’t a full-time Major Leaguer until he was 28 years old, and the Pirates were the first team that gave him an honest chance, which is where he made a name for himself.

He doesn’t play everyday, but still turns out fantastic offenses numbers for a guy who starts maybe two thirds of the games. GI Jones was completely deserving of a career highlight video, so I took the time to make him one. Here it is: my tribute to Garrett Jones career as a Pittsburgh Pirate.