Pirates Pitchers Drawing Interest Says Peter Gammons


The thought of the Pittsburgh Pirates having talent that is good enough to draw more than ten Major League teams to check them out, it’s pretty exciting.  That’s the scoop Peter Gammons dropped on MLB Network this afternoon.

Ten scouts dropped by Victory Field to check out the Indianapolis Indians, the runaway leaders in International League competition.  The scouts were on hand to see Vic Black and Duke Welker.

Welker and Black both throw flames and it’s not surprising considering what each has done this season.  Welker has received the call to the bigs, but was quickly returned to Triple-A Indy.

Pirates pitchers drawing attention from other teams’ scouts.  The Bucs are getting somewhere.  The challenge for each right handed reliever has been harnassing the nasty in order to show the command necessary to succeed at the big league level.

Welker hasn’t been touched in 17 innings thus far.  He’s surrended four hits this season.  Four.   Welker pitched a clean inning on Monday, but didn’t pitche on Tuesday.

The deceptive delivery has worked for Black as he has punched out 31 in 21 innings while locking down ten saves.   After finishing so strongly last season, it would be great to watch Black work his way to the big leagues.  Black hasn’t pitched in a few days.

So I guess what we can take from the Gammons report is the scouts were there, but Welker and Black were not showcased.  If there was a deal going down, one would believe it would be worked out that Black and Welker would be showcased.

Jared Hughes closed out another game for Indy last night.