The Best Pittsburgh Pirates GIFs


Because the Pittsburgh Pirates are ten games over .500 at 28-18, it’s time we celebrate these first two months a little bit.  Everyone loves a great Pittsburgh Pirates GIF, so here are some of the recent ones that we love.

We might be way off here, but we have a thought for everyone.  Don’t you think the Houston Astros have to take home the best GIF of the season thus far?  It’s beyond classic.

Tie score is visible.

Two outs are also visible in the score line.

And of course the 3-2 count just adds to the epic-ness of it all.

The reaction from the other players on the field.

The dejection of the Houston Astros players around their superstar, do it all right fielder….

The sheer lunacy of it all.

So. Many.  Levels.  Just so many to this GIF.  It’s like a Van Gogh of GIFS if you will.  Again, there are are just so many levels to this GIF.

How ’bout that Travis Snider pinch hit grand slam against the Cubs?  Or that ass slap from Pedro Alvarez?

The Cutch walkoff….

Ryan Braun puts his hands on his hips…. God, we could watch this one all day…

One more time on the Astros GIF, just for fun…

More great GIFS are found at Pirates tumblr. Check it out.

If you have a favorite we missed, drop it in the comments for everyone to enjoy or email them to us at my rum bunter at g mail dot com.