Where Have You Been All My Life MLB Draft ?


The best part about the Major League Baseball Draft is that it’s not the National Football League Draft.  It’s also what’s the worst part about it for me.  We want to know more about all of the players, but can live without all of the experts.  Of course without the experts we don’t have shit, because all of us have jobs and not enough time to watch more baseball.

So we were thrilled to be able to Tivo the MLB First-Year Player Draft so that we can watch it ten years from now and laugh at how wrong the analysts were about Reese McGuire and Aaron Meadows.

We have to admit when we watched the draft it was pretty funny.

Let’s just say that I’m just happy that Bud Selig and his gang have finally realized that people really love baseball in America.

The same people who love baseball also own televisions and like to watch anything about the sport of baseball on their televisions.

And since fans love the sport, promoting its’ young talent is a pretty good idea.  Someday soon the MLB Draft might be as fake as the NFL Draft and the Commish will be hip bumping the first round picks and mugging for the HD.

Until then, we will sit back on our recliner and watch Major League Baseball slowly try to catch up to its’ big brothers.  How enjoyable was it to watch  Tony LaRussa stare into the abyss for ten painstakingly hilarious seconds before realizing the red light had turned green and the cameras were rolling?

How about the 6’7″ 255 pounds of Aaron Judge leaning uncomfortably over the New York Yankees draft table to speak into a phone with an ultra short 15-inch cord that looked like it was built in 1985.

The look of the draft was pretty cool with some really cool visual touches like the batters boxes on the main stage.  The scoreboard has always been a cool look, well except the Jameson Taillon part of this picture if your a Manny Machado fan.

We listened to parts of the draft on MLB Network XM Radio too and the show was pretty good.  Baseball is always good on the radio.

But let’s face it, no matter how much we love baseball, the MLB Draft still can’t touch the NFL or even the NBA draft.  The players are still far to unknown to the average Joe.  But to baseball diehards, it’s nirvana.  We aren’t thrilled with the turtle like pace MLB has taken to get to where it is, but we’re glad the draft was finally televised in a ‘big-time’ manner.  Thank you MLB Network.

But no, it’s not going to leapfrog any league any time soon–being up against the NHL and more so, the NBA Game One Finals won’t help the cause either.

We aren’t looking forward to the MLB Draft becoming the NFL or NBA Draft, although it’s pretty evident that it’s headed that way.  What we like is the fact that Major League Baseball is its’ image as the nerdy kid.  The pimples and dorky glasses are going away.  And I guess one could say that the MLB Draft is like that hot girl you never noticed in high school who just showed up at the reunion.

We never really noticed how hot she was, or how attractive she could be when on a big stage and on our big screens.  And while she’s not all that yet, at least we started to notice.

And you can be damn sure we will start paying more attention.