Pirates Ray Searage Talks Gerrit Cole on 93.7 The Fan


Ray Searage was on 93.7 The Fan this morning and stole the show as he usually does.  Gregg, Paul, and Jim asked questions about Gerrit Cole making him big league debut.  The Fan Morning Show always does a great job at keeping Searage loose and laughing.  It’s a great interview, if the Fan gets it on their site we will link it here for you as well.

Here are most of the discussion points:

Searage said what he wants from Cole tonight: 

I just want him to be himself.   We would like to see him go out and compete.  Don’t focus on the linescore, just compete.  Let the talent and the stuff take care of business.  I anticipate an aderelanie rush, but Russell Martin or I can take care of it.

Yesterday he didn’t seem nervous at all.  But that could change when the buzz gets in the locker room.

Paul Alexander talked about him wanting to hit 100 if he gets amped up.

Searage had a great quote:  If I was in his shoes, I would be trying to do the same thing.

When we went over the hitters, we talked about not using finesse and of course too much information is not good for anyone.  We will keep it as simple as hard in, soft away.  We tell him to just trust what Marty puts down.

There are some keys that I have on his delivery that I will keep an eye on.  If I see something I will go out there and that will put him back in his rhythm.

The game is played the same way in AAA as it is here.  First pitch strikes and then put ’em away.

Searage was asked about the timing if it was forced due to the injuries to numerous starters:

I think this might have been a bit forced, but this is me speaking not speaking for Neal or Clint or anyone.  This is a good time for him to continue his development at the big league level.  He is coming off three good starts.  We will see how it plays out here.  They might spit on pitches that they spit on in AAA.

Paul Alexander asked about the four walks Cole averages per outing.

I don’t like walks.  With him being young, that will get better.  I am not that concerened about it.  If he stays focused and competes, he will be fine

Some other notes:

Charlie Morton is in Pittsburgh and pitched a side yesterday and looked good.  He was protecting his elbow a bit which is normal the Bucs pitching coach said.

Searage mentioned he has some concerns about the bullpen usuage.  The starters need to go seven.  We get “hiccups, we just need to trust our stuff.”