Pirates Neal Huntington Show Notes: Gerrit Cole, Russell Martin, A.J. Burnett


The Neal Huntington Show was held this afternoon on 93.7 The Fan from PNC Park.

Greg Brown: Asked about Neal’s Dad.

Neal Huntington:  I grew up on dairy farm.  My father and brother are still partners.  My love of sports comes from my Dad.  We watched Bruins, Red Sox, and Celtics.  Both of his knees have been replaced, whenever I get tired I think of my Dad.  I was the youngest of three boys.  My Dad was such a great role model for me in so many ways.

We don’t so in touch nearly enough.  But I try to take his even keel approach, we would have a field of hay down and a thunder shower would pop up.  Ok.  He was remarkable, even to this day.  Now, their was discipline, steadying hand of calmness from him.

Greg Brown  I can only imagine the emotions you must have had then watching Cole.

Neal Huntington  Gerrit probably just passed the first stage of readiness.  It was uncomfortable.  Watching second pitch in.  Watching his first change up in to Buster Posey.  That showed us he was ready.  He didn”t have his good off speed stuff.

Very positive signs.  He attacked the strike zone.  To be the elite starter he will need the secondary stuff.  For him to excel will need fastball command AND the secondary stuff.

Yesterday’s starter Brandon Cumpton we know he fired strikes, for most part kept the ball on the ground.

We are in Clint’s terms…Rubik Cube rotation.  Is it better to get rehab, side, and then rehab start.  Jeff Locke has been steady.  Liriano might have a no-no with what he has shown this year.  Charlie….if we execute he might be out with just one run.

Greg Brown  I have never seen pitcher with such electricity…it was Strasburg like.  This guy might be, he certainly was…a draw.

Neal Huntington  We don’t want to pressure one individual.  I saw an article on FanGraphs.  Ticket sale increase, etc….  Gerrit Cole had second highest impact.  Strasburg was number one.

We don’t want to increase the hype.  Cole is important part.  But he is one pitcher.  In baseball, that gives you legitimate chance to win the 35 times he takes the ball.  But he’s one pitcher, ( a lot of other games)

Greg Brown  Rambling about Cole/Strasburg

Neal Huntington  We have a veteran guy who keeps telling me don’t worry about strikeout numbers.  When he relaxes and let’s the off speed do their thing…this gentleman believes strikeouts will come.

Greg Brown  Lineup scratch, Russell Martin scratched…

Neal Huntington  Long season, soreness…not a big deal

Greg Brown  A.J. Burnett

Neal Huntington  When he strained/tore..we werent sure.  Diagnosed as grade one.  Matter of rest and treatments.  He pulled muscle, needs time to recover.  Waiting game right now..

Greg Brown  Jeanmar Gomez

Neal Huntington  We thought about getting him a ML start.  Cumpton gaves us some comfort.  We can continue to make game-by-game start.

Greg Brown  Wandy.

Neal Huntington  Wandy has to be built on positive.  Probably another side and then send him out, or maybe another side.  He feels much better than when we put him on the DL.

Greg Brown  James McDonald?

Neal Huntington  We’ve seen the good and not so good James McDonald.  He is healthy in our minds.  We have seen flashes.  We have seen fastball straight, elevated, we have seen more good than bad.

Greg Brown  Hughes?

Neal Huntington  Jared Hughes has shoulder soreness and inflamattion.  We dont think it will be very long.  But like AJ, until body heals.

Greg Brown  Irwin?

Neal Huntington  Phil Irwin is no throw.  Kyle McPherson is in early stages–showing good signs.

Greg Brown  Contreras?

Neal Huntington  Some more time in AAA for Jose Contreras probably would have been wise.

Greg Brown  Tabata?

Neal Huntington  Resuming baseball activities.  We will get him out on a rehab.