BP: Yankees Were Sniffing Around Pirates Mike Zagurski


June 3, 2013; Atlanta, GA, USA; Pittsburgh Pirates relief pitcher Mike Zagurski (57) pitches in the seventh inning against the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

On June 15, the Pittsburgh Pirates designated everyone’s favorite left-hander Mike Zagurski for assignment to bring up Brandon Cumpton from AAA Indianaplis.  Not many people thought too much about it.  The Bucs giving up on a southpaw that despite pitching well in spring training and dominating at the Triple-A level with Indy because Zagurski was the puffer fish of the Pirates shark tank.

It was hard to watch his six innings of work.  Zagurski allowed ten hits, ten runs, and eight walks.  Train wreck.

So when the Pirates cut ties, most of us shrugged our shoulders.  But shame on us, because the power of a left-hander always has value in the big leagues.  The theory was proven today when we opened up our Baseball Prospectus Premium link this afternoon.

Here is the link for you if you are a subscriber:  The Baseball Prospectus Transaction Analysis by R.J. Anderson.

All of that impressive work for AAA Indy didn’t go unnoticed.  Check out what BP had to say:

"Other teams, including the Yankees, were sniffing around Zagurski before the Pirates promoted him, and there’s a chance his smile lands him a spot on another roster, where he’ll try again to become a serviceable left-handed reliever."

If the Bucs can swing something for Zagurski, color us impressed.