Pittsburgh Pirates Trade Rumors: Acquiring Giancarlo Stanton Isn’t Easy, But No Thanks


Pittsburgh Pirates trade scenarios and rumors are going to start gaining steam across the internet as the trade deadline approaches.  The names of players that everyone thinks will help the Pirates will come as fast and furiously as they did last season.   It usually goes like this: the Pittsburgh Pirates Need To (Make Push/Acquire/Sell The Farm) To Get  _____________.  [today we are going to insert Giancarlo Stanton who will likely be the name that will replace Justin Upton from last year’s rumor mill]

We all know Upton never happened.  It’s hard to even fathom Stanton happening.  But anyway, here is the link to the Sweet Spot post on the Bucs making a push to get Stanton.

Jun. 19, 2013; Phoenix, AZ, USA: Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Here is what it will cost, according to one of my favorite writers David Schoenfield:

"Here’s what it will cost: Double-A starter Jameson Taillon, Keith Law’s No. 20 prospect entering the season who has pitched well at Altoona; outfielder Gregory Polanco, the No. 55 prospect who has shot up in value after a strong showing that recently got him promoted to Double-A; catcher Tony Sanchez, the former No. 1 pick who is hitting .303 with nine home runs at Triple-A Indianapolis; plus a decent C-grade lefty."

Yeah.  But on the bright side, there is no mention of Bob Nutting’s first born.

Most Pirates fans are going to find that pretty ridiculous at first glance.  It’s not a bad scenario actually, but not one that remotely interests us.  Even though Stanton is everything Neal Huntington dreams about at night.  Won’t be first time arb-eligible until next year. Can’t be on the free agent market until 2016.  A right fielder that can mash.

The part that we hate, you ask?  It’s the facts about Stanton that are so rarely discussed.  All those little injuries.

Quad strain.  Hamstring.  Toe.  Left knee soreness.  Right knee surgery.  Sore left shoulder.  Hamstring.  Right oblique strain

Andrew McCutchen is always on the field.  Giancarlo Stanton is not.  Stanton typically takes most of the month of April.  He has had a myriad of injuries that just scare us too much to give up talent like those mentioned.  For a guy that is built like an NFL tight end, Stanton is not an Andrew McCutchen.  Being in the lineup every single night is what the Bucs need.  Just look at what happens to this offense when Cutch has a rough night.

So, Schoenfield asked how it sounds to think about Stanton hitting home runs into the Pittsburgh night, the Roberto Clemente bridge in the background.

Home runs are great.  But so is this dream scenario, too:  A packed PNC Park watching Jameson Taillon fire 95-plus mph piss rockets at the talented Reds and Cardinals for years to come.   Tony Sanchez catching for Taillon is an enjoyable thought as well.  And maybe most of all, the powerful and athletic Gregory Polanco ripping balls over the Roberto Clemente wall, and double after double into the North Side Notch.  Yeah, those are all very promising thoughts  for many years to come, too.

So, unloading all that talent to get Stanton?  Nah.  Call us crazy all you want, but we pass on that scenario.