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Pedro Alvarez Home Run Tracker: How You Like Them Apples?


Pittsburgh Pirates slugger Pedro Alvarez has hit 24 home runs for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Alvarez is one behind the lead home run lead in the National League, but leads all of baseball in no doubt home runs with nine.

Let’s take a closer look at each of those 24 bombs.

El Toro’s 2013 homerun tracker.

APR 18: Pedro Alvarez crushed a no doubter off Julio Teheran that finally landed yesterday. Video of the estimated 454 foot no doubter.

APR 19: Pedro Alvarez hit his second no doubter of the season off Atlanta’s Tim Hudson. It was a towering shot that reached 125 feet at its apex and traveled 405 feet. Video Link

Pedro Alvarez second homer of the 2013 Season. The GIF

A Pedro Alvarez home run is so damn unique. Power is what defines Alvarez.

The first round pick out of Vanderbilt has a knack for cracking the bat with such power that it reminds us of some Pirates sluggers past. It’s a gift. This powerful gift is why he is so unique to the Pirates lineup. Nobody wearing black and yellow has the ability to change the game so quickly.

A few Buccos players have power, but none have Pedro Power.

It’s why there was only one Willie Stargell, one Dave Parker, –and why there will be only one Pedro Alvarez. We got some great help with the GIF which were created by Davidson Teacher. [Follow him on Twitter]

APR 22: Pedro Alvarez crushed an 83 mph softie from rookie Jonathan Pettibone 406 feet at Philadelphia. The laser shot had an average speed off the bat of 107mph. Here is the Video Link

Pedro Alvarez homers in Philly, gone in 1.5 seconds

APR 24 : Alvarez hit a solo homer off Antonio Bastardo in the seventh inning and his RBI single in the fourth was the only hit off Roy Halladay all night. Video

MAY1: The towering shot, 118 feet at its’ apex, tied the game at one in the second inning. It came off an 82 mile per hour Hiram Burgos delivery and traveled 412 feet coming off the bat at 102.5 mph. Video More details on the ESPN tracker.

May 9: Alvarez crushed Latroy Hawkins changeup to tie the game against the New York Mets at Citi Field. The 433 foot bomb was smoked off the bat at a season best 108.7 mph. Video

MAY 17 A little over a week after his last bomb, Alvarez connected on a two-run blast that bounced into the river. It tied the game with Houston at four and the Bucs came back to walk off the Astros in the bottom of the ninth.

Pedro Alvarez hit number seven of the season a long way. Video

Here is the landing spot of Pedro’s seventh bomb.

MAY 19 Do you notice a pattern yet? For the third time in 2013, Alvarez has hit a bomb in back-to-back games.

Pedro Alvarez hit his eighth homer of the season for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Another key situation, another Pedro Alvarez home run. The Bucs and Astros were locked in a scoreless tie at PNC Park. Obviously, the key words in that sentence are ‘were locked.’

A laser of the bat of Alvarez tucked inside the left-field foul pole for the 58th homer of his career. Video

Alvarez is now in fifth-place all time among Pirates third basemen.

MAY 25

Alvarez had his seventh career multi-hit home run day. It was his third against the Brewers. Both home runs were well, ridiculous.

The first was a rocket. Just an absolute rocket. Video

433 feet. Partiers in Milwaukee might want to walk carefully, we aren’t sure this one has landed yet. Video

Pedro Alvarez homerun number 10 on the season at Miller Park


Pedro turns around a Mat Latos pitch for a 376-foot bomb and the Pirates are on the board. Video

Another daylight homer for Pedro Alvarez.


Mike Minor was a teammate of Alvarez at Vanderbilt. Minor doesn’t respect the #ElToroPower. And he pays. The southpaw threw one too many fastballs in this at-bat.

El Toro crushes a 400-foot bomb to give the Pirates a 4-2 lead in Atlanta. Video

Mike Minor had a thought afterward…


Some Chicago Cubs fans were having a good time on the skyboxes on Sheffield Street. The only mistake they made was turning their back when Pedro Alvarez was at the plate. Video

Never turn your back when Pedro Alvarez is at the plate!

El Toro crushed this one 405 feet and it came off the bat at 109 miles per hour. The Big Bull didn’t come close to getting all of this one. Watch the video…it was his sixth homer during the 22 day games the Bucs have played this season.


Alvarez went three-for-three during the debut of Gerrit Cole. The Big Bull crushed a George Kontos pitch 423 feet while Cole was being interviewed by the Bucco broadcasters.

Cole’s response?

"“That was a bomb."

Here is the Video

We had a unique perspective from behind home plate. Check out the Giants first baseman’s reaction. He doesn’t even move, he realizes it’s mashed.

Fathers Day JUNE 16

With the score tied against Zack Greinke and the L.A. Dodgers, El Toro gave his Father a present. Yardwork. Be sure to watch the three-run blast that brought the Dodgers right-hander to his knees. Video


Alvarez did more than hit bombs today. El Toro drove in one run in the third with a single, he got his solo bomb in the sixth inning off Homer Bailey. Video The bases-clearing double in the seventh came with two outs and the score tied.



Alvarez crushed his 17th of the season off Jered Weaver.



El Toro got the Bucs on the board and jumped into third place in the NL Home Run race.


When Pedro Alvarez gets hot, it gets really ugly for opposing pitchers. You’ve been warned.


Joe Blanton was the victim of the Big Bull.


Donovan Hand served up number twenty. Video MLB Baseball said it went scuba diving in the Allegheny. Good stuff.


Alvarez blasted a three-run bomb off the Phillies John Lannan which appeared that the hot muggy air would hold it up, but with most of the fans at PNC cheering “Let’s Go Bucs,” El Toro had done it again. Video

Cool graphic that shows the monster pace by Alvarez in June and July


On the day that Alvarez was named to his first All-Star Game he ripped an opposite field laser beam came off Edwin Jackson at Wrigley Field. Video


After being snubbed by David Wright for a spot in the NL Home Run Derby lineup, Alvarez hit this monster shot. Video As Colin Dunlap said so eloquently, Wright off the batter eye.

Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


On the first pitch Alvarez saw after he was named as a replacement in the All-Star Game Home Run Derby, he launched this bomb 415 feet.  Video  We are running out of adjectives to describe what Pedro is doing this season.  Maybe, just maybe he can grab the lead before the All-Star break, that would be cool with us and we are sure we could dig up an adjective or two.