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Pittsburgh Pirates Tony Sanchez On RumBunter Podcast


Earlier this week, Pirates rookie backup catcher Tony Sanchez took some time during a lunch break in St. Louis to join us.  Sanchez enjoyed a solid season at Triple-A Indianapolis and was called to the Majors for a short time in New York and also when the team was in Anaheim earlier this season.  After an injury to Michael McKenry knocked him out for the year, Sanchez is up for the year.

@Tony26Montana as he’s known on Twitter talks to Cocktails and Smitty about his role with the Big Club – now that he is firmly planted in Pittsburgh.  The Pirates catcher traditionally starts slowly at each level and then comes on later in the season, Sanchez touches on that and a number of other topics.

A few of those, you know just to tease you a bit are the following:  What does a big leaguer like Sanchez do when he’s not on the field?  Why is sitting on the clubhouse couch a bad thing for rookies?  What major leaguer told Sanchez to get the hell off the couch?

Heh, like always, it’s a good conversation you won’t want to miss.

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