The Pittsburgh Pirates offensive struggles this season are well documented.  The post A..."/> The Pittsburgh Pirates offensive struggles this season are well documented.  The post A..."/> The Pittsburgh Pirates offensive struggles this season are well documented.  The post A..."/>

Time For Pirates Chairman of the Board, Bob Nutting, To Finish The Job


The Pittsburgh Pirates offensive struggles this season are well documented.  The post All-Star Game offensive numbers are not impressive as noted above, but that’s nothing new.  The Bucs offense hasn’t scored a great deal of runs in 2013, hanging near the bottom of the pack for most of the season.

We were told that the price at the trade deadline was too steep.  Ok, that’s fair.

But what sucks is the fact that the price still seems too steep, or so it would seem.

When the Pirates General Manager brings up the discussion of being concerned about contracts regarding potential talent acquisition, a warning light goes off in my mind.  It can’t be that.  Can it?   This is about a contract?

After Collapse Twenty, Bob Nutting was a no show at the PirateFest main stage.  The fans were lining up to pepper the Bucs brass, each prepared with questions from that mornings Trib Live Blog by Dejan Kovacevic.  Did you ever want to be a beat reporter the article stated and then laid out a few questions for Frank Coonelly.  Questions for Neal Huntington.  Questions for Clint Hurdle.

None for Nutting.

When we questioned why Nutting didn’t take the stage, many came to his defense.  The bottom line was this…. the owner doesn’t do the main stage.

We thought he should have stepped onto the stage beside his management team.  The same guys who have staked the first-place Bucs to such lofty perks that the preseason Pittsburgh Steelers buzz has been squelched while the Pirates capture the hearts of Buccos fans across the nation.

Refreshingly, Bob Nutting has stayed low this season.  We didn’t hear much from him, well outside of his appearance on CNBC recently, until this weekend’s interview on 93.7 The Fan.

Nutting has stayed out of the way.

But that time is over.  It’s time for the Chairman of the Board to change his reputation.  The guy can make a name for himself.

Of course Nutting won’t want to do this publically, but sometime this morning the Bucs majority owner should make a phone call.  Get Frank and Neal on the horn.  Talk to the fellas about what we have happening here in Pittsburgh.

Frank set the bar high.  The Bucs President stated that the “only thing that’s acceptable is the National League Central crown.”


So with the Pirates clinging to a slim lead atop the NL Central it’s probably about the time to look for some help.  Give the offense a push, add another arm.

These upgrades won’t come cheap.  When asked about adding talent to the Bucs roster, Huntington was quoted by Dejan as saying ‘sometimes the challenge can be the contract.’


Sure an offensive upgrade won’t come cheap.  Every team in the baseball knows the Pirates want to upgrade as they prepare for possible post-season play, so the ask will be big.   But Russell Martin wasn’t cheap.  That paid off.  A.J. and Wandy still get checks from New York and Houston.   That’s paid off big time.

Now is not the time for the Bucs GM to be sharpening his pencil while adjusting his CFO cap.  Huntington needs to go grab the best talent, the players that the organization feels will add the most splash to a very special ball club.  He doesn’t need to be concerned with the impact of a few extra million dollars on the bottom line and God forbid if Huntington has been shot down on adding players because they might push the budget to the uncomfortable zone.

In the article back in December, Kovacevic gave Pirates fans this question to ask Frank Coonelly.

"You told a group of fans  in Blair County a  month ago, “In 2013, we are going to play meaningful  baseball not only in  September, but next year we plan to do it in  October.”What happens if you don’t?"

Frank and Neal answered that question.  So since DK didn’t provide any questions for Nutting, we got one.

"Mr. Nutting, you’re GM mentioned being concerned about the contracts of players the team was interested in acquiring.  While that is always the case for a small market team, is money the only real thing holding this ball club back from playing meaningful games in October?If so, when will you ask for more investors?"

Its time for the Dollar General to make the call.  Shake the cheap moniker once and for all.  Do it Mr. Nutting.  Finish the job.