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Padres Hidden Ball Trick Doesn’t Fool A.J. Burnett


The hidden ball trick is coming back into fashion.  Not on sandlots, but on Major League Baseball fields.  Last night, the San Diego Padres tried to pull it on A.J. Burnett.  In classic Burnett fashion, it was foiled.

This tweet summed it up perfectly.

The video of the Padres, and WVU grad, Jedd Gyorko trying to get Burnett is here in case you missed it from ESPN.   Burnett’s line after the game was pretty good too.  ‘He wasn’t coming over to say hi.  I see everything man.’

The Padres might have got the idea from the Rays the other day.  The Dodgers Juan Uribe wasn’t as smooth as Burnett.  In the bottom of the fourth inning, Uribe took a step off third base and Rays third baseman Evan Longoria applied the tag from behind him.  The GIF tells it all.

The Dodgers Uribe will never be confused for Burnett.  It was a mental error that embarrasses many Little Leaguers but is not seen very often in Major League Baseball.  The team wanted to have a little more fun with it and actually went out and hired a world class magician, Jason Latimer to teach Uribe some tricks of his own.

The Pirates don’t have to do such things with Burnett.  He’s seen all the tricks before.

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