Black Power: Best of Luck to Vic Black in New York


The Pittsburgh Pirates sent Vic Black to the New York Mets as the player to be named later.  Last night before the game, we went on New York Mets site Rising Apple to talk about the trade.  It was about 6:30 and the news had just broke about Black being the player the Bucs were sending to the Mets.

We were down a bit about the deal.  Mainly, because our Black Power t-shirt was ready to go to print, the buttons, the gloves, the stickers, we were on our way to becoming loaded, getting servers for Fansided.  Making all the annoying pop-up ads go away forever.  But with the news, it’s all gone.

Now somebody in New York will live out our dream.

The Mets had obviously taken Huntington to the shed in the deal for Marlon Byrd and John Buck.

But we get it.

Some people have tossed out the idea that the Pirates bullpen is set for next year.  Black was expendable.  That’s an insane thought.

The names the team has under control are Jason Grilli, Mark Melancon, Justin Wilson, Tony Watson, Vin Mazzaro, Bryan Morris and Jeanmar Gomez.  Duke Welker is pitching well again in AAA now.  Jared Hughes is another arm pitching in the low leverage situations with the Buccos.

Kyle McPherson and Stolmy Pimentel will also be in the mix and optionless.

I don’t buy it.  We stress over guys like Morris, Gomez and Hughes.  Grilli and Melancon also concern us, because it seems rare when late inning relievers have great back-to-back seasons. Cough. Joel Hanrahan. Cough.

Black Power was the insurance policy.

But we get it.

In fact, we trust Black becomes a lights out closer for the Mets.  We trust some teenager reads this post and starts cranking out the complete line of Black Power merchandise.

Because when players the Pirates trade away have success it’s a great thing.  It really is.  Just click this link and read what Robbie Grossman who was included in the Wandy deal is doing at the top of the lineup for the Astros.

GM’s don’t forget the fellow GM that made them look good in a trade.  Let’s trust Black and Dilson Herrera make Huntington look


, great,  because around this time next year we trust Huntington will be giving  Sandy Alderson a call again.