The Most Understated Pirates Postseason Email in History


It’s been awhile since the Pittsburgh Pirates have been in the postseason.  Everyone realizes that fact.  Meaningful baseball and Pittsburgh haven’t been welcomed to the 21st century.  So when this season’s Pittsburgh Pirates postseason ticket invoice arrived in the mail we were pretty excited.

We sent the payment in yesterday trying our best understated approach as to not jinx the situation, because certainly everyone feels a little bit apprehensive about throwing down several grand on World Series tickets…in September.  Wait…Pittsburgh Pirates World Series Tickets in September.

The Bucs payment confirmation email is also understated.  Or impersonal, really boring, computer generated, or just insert your own adjective here

When we saw the email we were praying for a purple faced Clint Hurdle video popping up on our computer screen throwing out a big smile….yeh bitches we did it!

or maybe an inspirational highlight video like those by Drew Brown,

or maybe a spin on the Andrew McCutchen Bad Things video,

or maybe Andrew McCutchen telling you to wear your Halloween costume to PNC Park?

But if the email that tells tens of thousands of fans that Bob Nutting and the Pirates are thankful for the supoort, maybe jazz they could have jazzed it up a bit, huh?  I mean here it is…..

Damn.  Maybe the Bucs didn’t have enough time to put it all together, or…just wanted it to be…

Nevertheless, we are freaking pumped beyond belief that October baseball is coming back to the city we love.

Let’s Go Bucs!