Pirates GM Talks Pittsburgh Pirates on RumBunter Podcast


The Official Teaser for the upcoming RumBunter Podcast

Pittsburgh Pirates GM Neal Huntington joined us

on the podcast this afternoon to discuss all things Pirates baseball. The team that Huntington and the boys have assembled is in the heart of a post season race and it’s easy to hear the excitement in Huntington’s voice. Cocktails is currently


editing the podcast and will have it available soon for your listening pleasure.

The topics were fast, furious, and all about Pirates baseball during the nearly 60 minutes spent with Huntington during the show. Here are some of the Pirates subjects discussed:

Why does Smitty hate a sold out PNC Park?

What is Huntington’s take on the successes of the Bucs minor league system this year?

The Pirates invested a significant amount of Bob Nutting’s cash this offseason in beefing up their baseball acumen, replacing their Pittsburgh media entitled ‘superscout’ if you will. Bill Livesey, Ron Hopkins, Ricky Bennett, Carlos Berroa, and John Kosiciak were brought on board–in total well over 100 years of baseball experience.

The Bucs have improved leaps and bounds in their defense in 2013, how did they do it? Who is responsible and how did it get sold within the organization?

In the first inning of games this season, the Pirates allowed 79 runs. That is the most of any inning. Is it because the shifts are used less early in games?

Can you listen closely enough to catch Huntington admit who will be on the post season roster?

What about Wandy Rodriguez?

What will Huntington be looking for from Jameson Taillon in the Arizona Fall League?

Why is Cocktails losing teeth enamel over Jose Tabata?

We know you will love it.