Comparing Production: Cardinals Matt Adams vs. Pittsburgh Pirates First Basemen


Matt Adams is from Philipsburg, Pennsylvania.  My hometown.  Well, actually his hometown.  I should probably say that I grew up where he did since he’s been murdering baseballs for the St. Louis Cardinals over the past ten games.

Exactly when the Redbirds need it most.  Exactly when the Pirates need Adams to crawl in a hole.

In his last ten games, Adams has four bombs with 8 runs batted in, well actually we are still counting at the time of this post.

The Pirates productions from first base?  Well.  Not so much.

Justin Morneau is getting paid a nice chunk of cash to put up a mostly hollow average over .300 in his past ten games with ten hits and one run driven in.

Garrett Jones is getting paid a nice chunk of cash to put up one homer in his last 13 at-bats.  Which was also his lone run driven in for the Bucs.

Gaby Sanchez is getting paid a nice chunk of cash to put up four hits.

Morneau + Jones + Sanchez < Adams.

In the month of September Adams has five homers.  Morneau + Jones + Sanchez have one.

Adams has an 898 OPS, he has struckout 17 times.  Gaby has no extra base hits in September.  GFJ has three hits and is scuffling at .125.  Morneau has seventeen hits–but just three for extra bases and that one RBI.

You probably recall that everyone in Major League Baseball passed on Adams a few times–the slugger was drafted in the 25th round out of Slippery Rock.  He was a New York Yankees fan growing up.

Both of those facts always sting a little bit.  Especially as our favorite team chases the Cardinals and the powerful Matt Adams.  The guy who was stuck behind a guy named Albert Pujols and then Allen Craig.

What an awfully awful time to shine.