Pirates Fans Have Work To Do To Upstage St. Louis Cardinals Fans


The St. Louis Cardnials fanbase has been called the best baseball fans in ‘Merica. We gotta give it up to them. It’s hard not to like some of the work that goes into being a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals.

I mean it has to be hard to be a fan of a team put together by Big Beer right?  Lots of cash.  A talented farm system.  Fans that die hard for some Cardinals baseball, chugging Bud Ice and showing up regularly with their A game to cheer on their team.

For a sample of what we’re talking about we went over to our favorite, well the only St. Louis website we know of, Joe Sports Fan.

We stole some pictures.  Enjoy.

The Cards fans are really good at making signs.  We will need to step up our sign game this weekend.  The ‘We’re Back” sign the other night at PNC Park is hip in its’ simplicity, but…umm…this wins.

When a player like Albert Pujols leaves town, the St. Louis fans don’t keep wearing them–I’m staring at you Kris Benson jersey guy–they modify them.  They break out duct tape and get creative.  What’s that called up-cycling, repurposing?  Whatever it’s called, it’s freaking awesome.

…and my favorite.

A few years ago, baseball genius Tony LaRussa had a few too many Natural Lights and got popped for a DUI.  Instantly, a Cardinals fans heads to the MLB Store to create a customized jersey to commemorate the event.

Of course, Cardinals fans have also been called the smartest fans in baseball as well. The Cards fan in the GIF below is doing some serious math. Because… well, you know the CARDS HIT .330 WITH RUNNERS IN SCORING POSITION.  (If I hear Paul Alexander say that one more time, I just might have to listen to Tim Benz)

Pirates fans will need to be smarter when the series arrives in Pittsburgh Sunday.  Please. No. More. Of. This.

When we go to ballgames we wear a lucha mask. This Cardinals fans goes all out. We feel ashamed.

The owner of this tattoo was inspired by his inner Mark McGwire, former Hitting Coach of the Cards.  I don’t have any tattoos.

I really don’t have anything against the Cardinals.  Good team.  Solid club.  But… (you knew that was coming) the thing I have against the Cardinals is Big Beer.  Read Bitter Brew if you want some background.  And below is an example…

But anyway, check out this Busch Stadium sign explaining the wave.  Sigh.

A showdown for the NLDS begins in a few hours. Let’s just say I like our chances Pittsburgh, but we have some work to do.