MLB Taking ‘Stargell Stars’ From Pirates Sucks


It’s not very often that Major League Baseball takes something away that it could sell.  But claiming licensing concerns, Major League Baseball squashed the coolest marketable tribute to a Hall of Famer who once ruled the MLB Postseason– Willie Stargell.  Face it, MLB can’t make a dime on it, so they killed it.

Why not embrace it, stike a deal on getting them made, and make an announcement that on the MLB Shop website the stars will be available for sale on such and such a date?  Why fight one of the coolest things MLB is known for–the Stargell Stars were tremendous.  It’s retro.  It’s hip.

It would sell like craft beer on an 85 degree October day.  WTF?

In case you missed it, Pirates Bench Coach Jeff Banister, and all around bad-ass, came up with the idea and it all started when Pirates wore a black star with a gold letter P in the Pirates font during the Wild Card game against the Reds.  Banister handed out the stars prior to the game and spoke with each player as he gave them the stars.  Russell Martin wore his on his jersey, in the photo above you can see Jose Tabata and closer Jason Grilli rocking their stars on their caps.

One could understand if the stars were flashy, stood out a little too much, maybe even drew attention away from the numerous MLB logos strewn about the field, the stadiums, the broadcasts, the parking lots, well you get the picture.  Look, we get it the big boys in the big house with the big suits make the rules.

The Pirates just don’t have to follow them.

The team wore them in places that were out of sight since MLB passed down the mandate.

Screw that.  File an appeal, tie it up with the lawyers and fight it out after the postseason.  The stars are too damn cool to tuck out of view.

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