Pirates Pedro Alvarez Delivers in Prime Time


The response to Pedro Alvarez last night during Game 3 of the National League Division Series was something we won’t forget. Pittsburgh has come a long way in their ‘relationship’ with their slugger.

When Alvarez stepped into the box, we were on the edge of our seats. Yeah, we weren’t standing because the fans behind us were continually telling us to sit down. So we barely got the picture.

Out came Matheny.

What was left of our fingernails felt the wrath of our incisors.   The swing by Pedro against the left-hander wasn’t real pretty.

Early in his career, the PNC Park crowd would have been silent. A few jeers would be heard. “Send him back to AAA!!” The catcalls are something that Alvarez heard from his June debut through the early months of this season.

But not last night. Not even close.

The crowd was rocking. Perhaps they could feel it. We certainly did. Alvarez has owned the MLB Postseason in 2013. And this was a huge moment. The big time moments when big time players need to deliver.

Pedro Alvarez prepares to deliver in the 8th inning of the NLDS.

And Alvarez did.

The PNC Park crowd loses their minds, when Pedro Alvarez drove in Josh Harrison with the game winning run.

It wasn’t a huge swing.  The power just takes over.  There’s not much better than ripping a left-handed specialist.  It’s a moment we will never forget. Ever.

Thanks for the memories, Petey.