Our Pittsburgh Pirates NLDS Wishlist: Bear Hugs, Science Goggles….


Official Guide To Not Being A Douchebag When Pirates Win NLDS

The Pittsburgh Pirates battle the St. Louis Cardinals in a few hours.  We tried so hard to think about what we would write that would make sense for the deciding game of the National League Division Series.  We thought about the Douchebag Guide, a 21 reasons why post, nothing seemed quite right and then we walked into The Billy Goat last night and heard Don’t Stop Believing.  And then we looked above the bar and saw the Pittsburgh Pirates hat.

So with all of the karma of the Chicago Cubs on our side, ( yeh, that’s encouraging I know,) I just thought about all of the things we have been lucky enough to witness this year.

I want some more, and know for a fact that you do too.  I’m not satisfied.

I want…

One more Andrew McCutchen race around the bases.

One big hit from Justin Morneau, Garrett Jones, or Gaby Sanchez.  Maybe the word should be a big hit.

One of those hard hit balls by Neil Walker to fall somewhere so he can get off the goose egg.

A Marlon Byrd leg kick before connecting on a big drive.

One Jordy Mercer moment–again.  Whether it’s defense or offense, we really don’t care.

The torch passed from A.J. Burnett to Gerrit Cole

A ton of attention is going to go toward Adam Wainwright and Gerrit Cole in this deciding game.  But it will be very difficult to not lose our minds about our slugger Pedro Alvarez.  Big moments, big plays from the big bull have been almost automatic. Getting one more big Pedro Alvarez moment would be amazing.

Pedro Alvarez

has been a monster in the NLDS

Continuing the Pedro Alvarez Home Run Tracker would be very cool.

But maybe the thing we are looking forward to the most is what will come at the end of the battle.  Give me one more Jason Grilli bearhug.

And when it all comes together tonight Pittsburgh Pirates fans, remember…stay classy.  This is forever.


I want and pray that nobody acts stupid enough to get their local peacekeepers involved.

Just keep it cool.  No twitter wars.  Just pure Pittsburgh class.  And take a shot of honey for your throat, we are going to need your voice for the NLCS.

And our final wish?

To see those old school science goggles….oh, how I want to see them later tonight….