Pirates Fans: Never Forget Those ‘Best Fans in Baseball’


We can’t let it go.  We won’t let it go.  The Pittsburgh Pirates season is over.  I love hockey, big football fan too, always been into college sports, collegiate wrestling is something I enjoy.  But baseball is our love.

So why are some people actually cheering for America’s Baseball Perfection–the team in St. Louis?  Cheering for a guy a player that said they shoved it up the Pirates ass.  Save it for the barstool, not for the media.

The Cardinals suck.  Hard.

Teeth scraping hard suck.  I hate the Cardinals.  I especially hate the fact that the Cards did shove.  I also hate how some of their fans selected to celebrate the victory.

The best example of just how bad the Cardinals and their fans suck is captured by Baseball’s Best Fans twitter account.

Never forget Pittsburgh, never, ever forget.